B2B Virtual Assistants

virtual assistants for small businesses


Here is what others are frequently asked about the B2B Virtual Assistants.


A virtual assistant is a professional who offers a range of administrative tasks to entrepreneurs and small businesses from remote locations. Virtual Assistants can take on all day-to-day tasks such as doing research, data entry organizing meetings, managing your calendar, and basic bookkeeping. Virtual assistants provide digital support, such as website and social media management.

We are U.S. based company, but our Virtual Assistants are based in the Philippines.
Yes, Virtual Assistants are in demand by online entrepreneurs and small businesses. For example, Entrepreneurs who travel and require assistance to catch their calls and emails may need virtual assistants. Because they need help with administrative tasks but do not want to bring on additional staff in their offices.
Of course. Our Virtual Assistants can work at any time zone you prefer.
Our B2B Virtual Assistant prices start at 10 dollars per hour. We also have an option to buy out the contract or Direct hire your own VA – call for more information about this package.
Yes. We use Time Doctor, software that tracks the total time spent on different projects and tasks. The software also takes automated screenshots of each Virtual Assistant’s monitor on an interval basis. Our Customer Relation Manager oversees the daily operations of our Virtual Assistants and ensures work efficiency and consistency while receiving daily reports of Virtual Assistant login and logout times.
  • 1st; Cut your operating cost
  • 2nd; Save time on initiatives and projects
  • 3rd; Greater work efficiency
  • 4th;  Last but not least, a healthier and more flexible work environment.

Of course, we ensure they are up to date with the latest trends and efficient tools such as social media schedulers, Canva, slacks, airtable and active campaigns (email system).

Here are Best Practices we do at B2b Virtual Assistants in terms of our Data protection.

  1. Install Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Ransomware Software.
  2. Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  3. Install a password manager.

 All our Virtual Assistants are trained to follow to the company policy detailing the importance of handling client files, documents, and all communications with the highest discretion and confidentiality.